Martyn – Hello Darkness, released 3/19

Here’s the title track:

“Ghost People”, Martyn’s second album and first Brainfeeder LP, was amazing. After listening to this track, I am excited to hear more of his work. This track has a Burial-esque vibe but with some more intense melodies and varied synthesizer riffs rather than the tweaked micro-samples of Burial.

That said, “Ghost Peoples” featured a wide variety of styles with a unifying dancefloor aesthetic. I am willing to bet that his next full-length work will be even more diverse and genre-defying.

Genitalia Conquistadors (On Sluttiness)

Tumblr user thelasturinebender posted this, which I felt the urge to respond to:

We’re defending sluts now?

I mean nothing against them, obviously, I know tons of sluts who are fully functional members of society…but they are still some dirty ass birds.

Why can’t we call a slut a slut anymore?

I thought this was America…

My gut response is below… and this really encapsulates my opinions on promiscuity, as long as it’s done in a safe and honest matter:

I know this is a jokepost (maybe)…

but I think the main concern is the double standard w/r/t sluttiness.

For example, male sluts aren’t called sluts or shamed.

So I guess it also concerns the shame associated with female sluttiness.

To be honest, I’m a male slut and agree that people should be able to be sluts, male or female, and that it should be equal. So either male sluts should be more shamed, or female sluts should be less shamed.

I think all sluts should be proud. In fact, instead of being called sluts, we should be called “genitalia conquistadors”.

=======end of response======

So, I hereby will refer to all sluts as ‘genitalia conquistadors’ or ‘genital conquerors’ or something similar. Yes, I know that conquistadors or conquerors carry their own negative Imperialistic connotations.

Do I give any fucks?


The American Dollar

No, this is not a fucking post about the fucking economy.

The American Dollar is a New-York-based indie post-rock band. Which means, naturally, that they tagged their bandcamp release, creatively titled “Free Winter 2010 Compilation”, with other post-rock bands such as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, and such.

Predictably, this release rarely ventures outside of the territory already explored by the aforementioned bands. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad — in fact, fans of these bands should enjoy it — but merely that we may need an entirely new genre labelled “post-post-rock”, because this style is getting a bit stale.

As these other bands do, The American Dollar relies heavily on repetition of motifs and cadences throughout a song. All tracks on this album are instrumental, as are many post-rock songs, and all feature a mix of keyboards, synths, drums, guitar, and bass. Often heavily effected.

The American Dollar is at their best when they step outside of the bounds already explored by the bands they name-drop on their bandcamp site. They adopt a woozy, ambient feel on some of their tracks, namely the unreleased and excellently-titled “War on Christmas” and the tracks from their “Ambient” releases (of course).

Besides these few shining examples, I would only recommend the American Dollar to fans of generic post-rock who are sick of listening to the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights on repeat. If this description fits you, the band is offering a deal where a purchase/donation of 20 dollars or more for their Winter Compilation will get you all 8 of the band’s albums.

Overall, this album made for some decent background music while tumbling my night away, but much like the actual American dollar, The American Dollar seems a bit… deflated.

an ode to last night after last night after last night

last night
the glass devil dragged me deep
devoured my soul (to keep)
brewed in shit, and steeped
in fright.

this too shall pass,
god found me in a cold shower
hairs still shivering, hungover
“you pay a price, dark roamer,”
she screamed as i fucked her ass.

last night warriors stand tall
living each night as if it’s their last
each morning’s mantra “this too shall pass
years flicker by, out of hand so fast
correlating with how hard we ball.

If I can’t have you…

My latest project is a soundtrack.

At first, I thought the film was a documentary.

As it turns out, it’s a piece of psychedelic soft-core erotic lesbian psycho-sexual bondage fantasy. 

This track might not end up being used in the final piece, since it’s probably not sexual enough, but I dig it nonetheless and I hope you do too.